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All Electric tasks for HVAC System, Car Park Ventilation.

Design, Installation & Commissioning

VRF System

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We design, build and commission all mechanical and electrical switchboards

We pride ourselves on giving a high level of customers service to all our clients

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We assess Cranes for regular safe operation re-certify with competitive price and repairs with guaranteed response time

Overhead, Jib and Portal Cranes

We service all types of hoists

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We design, install and commission Building Management System for Energy saving latest technology

We service electric machinery attend breakdown and modify for best operation.

Our service areas


Electrical Controls

We provide a full range of residential services from fault repairs, wiring, air conditioning, smart home installations to alarms.


Electrical Controls

We can do full installation of wiring and electrical systems in commercial buildings of all sizes including air conditioning


Mechanical & Electrical Controls

We provide a full service for installing, maintenance and repair of all electrical systems in factories. This includes design, manufacture


Mechanical & Electrical Controls

Electrical services for HVAC, Estimation for Hvac Electrical, Mechanical Switchboards for both Air conditioning VRV and car park

Professional Electrical Contractors in Sydney

Welcome to ME Controls - Professional Electrical Contractors in Sydney

Me controls offers you various electrical services for industrial, commercial and residential services that include wiring, repairing, air conditioning, ventilation, overhead cranes, etc. We also undertake electrical and wiring installation in commercial buildings. We design and manufacture, maintain and repair the electrical operations in factories. We undertake analysis for Hvac electrical, mechanical switch boards for VRV, car park and air conditioning.

We have professional electrical contractors in Sydney, who offers you the best services for your clients. We also have our local electricians in Sydney who are at your service assisting you with all your work, from designing, commissioning and installing of various electrical equipment. Our Electrical contractors in Sydney meets all your electrical necessities. Feel free to contact us for various electrical and commercial services.

Commercial Electrical

We cater for a wide range of commercial electrical services




Energy Efficiency


Thermal Imaging


RCD Testing

We Specialize

Domestic Services  

Commercial Services  

Industrial Services  

Service repair & Installation Work  

In These Services

  Testing & Tagging

  Energy Efficiency


  All switchboard related work


All the project we have accomplished at Sydney








Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning

Electrical services for HVAC, Estimation for HVAC Electrical, design and manufacturing Mechanical Switchboards for both Air conditioning VRV and car park and building ventilation systems, installation, commissioning all mechanical equipment, AC system as Mitsubishi VRF, Panasonic VRF, Fujitsu and car park and building ventilation system as CO Controller, major exhaust and supply fans.

Air conditioning Solutions:

  • Provision of independent capacity and load testing
  • Assist clients with design requirements prior to formal documentation
  • Installation of Air conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Systems including Split system Air conditioners
  • Refrigeration Systems Design and Installation.

Installations various types of air conditioning and heating systems and different buildings vary greatly. Even installations in single story homes can vary from being a simple job to a challenge depending on the type of home and the desired location of indoor and outdoor units. That is why it is important you use experienced technicians.

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