Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning

Me controls offers you with the best solution for all your business needs. We target on big and small homes, high raised buildings and also large factories. We have experienced and specialized Electricians for HVAC installation, also HVAC Electricians near Sydney who are trained as per Australian standards. We give air conditionings solutions to all our clients. Designing the refrigeration system and installation, heating and ventilation. We also provide car Park ventilation for the building throughout Sydney.

Air conditioning Solutions:

  • Provision of independent capacity and load testing
  • Assist clients with design requirements prior to formal documentation
  • Installation of Air conditioning, Heating and Ventilation Systems including Split system Air conditioners
  • Refrigeration Systems Design and Installation.

Installations can be a challenging job, so it is very much essential to have experienced and well trained technicians, mechanization management and building equipment BMS. Feel free to contact us for remedies to all your dilemmas. We are selling European brand Regin with high quality all BMS equipment as Temperature sensors, thermostat, actuator, building controllers for residential, commercial building and hospital & Hotels. Please check our selling BMS products link below the page.

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