Controllers for simple applications

Artnr OP10-230

ART nr


  • Category: Controllers
  • Controller for control of temperature.

Article specifications

Supply voltage 230 V AC
No.’s  I/Os 10
Supply voltage 24 V AC ±15 % / …10-230 model: 230 V AC
Power consumption 4 VA
Ambient temperature 0…50
Artnr OP5U
Supply voltage Number of I/Os
24 V AC ±15 % 5
Artnr OP10
Supply voltage Number of I/Os
24 V AC ±15 % 10
Artnr FMCO

Front mounting kit,

room for one Optigo unit


Set of angled plug-in terminal blocks

for EXOcompact, Optigo, Corrigo and Exigo Ardo


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