All Switchboard Build & Installation Services

For any multi-story residential and commercial building for controlling electrical circuits and major ventilation as car park ventilation, stair pressurization system, smoke relief system, lobby and common area ventilation, required a mechanical switchboard, distribution switchboards and air quality control panels, we are designing, building and commissioning all mechanical panels as MSSB, MCC & MSB switchboards, distribution switchboards and other industrial control boards.

Make sure of our electrical installations comply with latest Australian Standard, BCA and NCC regulations. Me controls Services in Sydney offers you all switchboard build and installation services which is the complete solution for manufacturing and designing of all switchboards. We have our services throughout Sydney, you can contact us for the best services at a reasonable price.

We specialise in the design of heavy duty switchboards including:

  • Car park Ventilation Switchboards
  • Control Switchboards
  • Air-Conditioning VRF Distribution Panels
  • Fan Starters
  • Distribution Boxes

Please contact us to design, manufacture and install a switchboard for your needs. We can service you throughout Sydney metro area, so feel free to contact us for a free estimate.

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